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Founded by two friends and colleagues in 2019 in Moscow, Abitu is a concept that responds to a request for something glamorous to put on in the evening. Alina Kokkonen and Alina Dvoeglazova had been working in fashion PR and marketing for some years until they came up with the idea of creating a brand together. The brand is built on the concept of a statement top that can be worn with simple jeans for a dressy look.

Now Abitu offers dressy tops, shirts, jackets and neo-romantic dresses made of luxurious fabrics such as jacquard and taffeta. Elegant puffy-sleeved and ruffled tops effortlessly pair with jeans or trousers, along with sneakers or heavy boots. 

The brand's name, Abitu, draws inspiration from the Latin term "habitus," which means literally "attitude, style, clothes".


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